Guide, Terms & Conditions

Guide, Terms & Condition
Certification Procedure
Step 1 : Register (information of company) to Certindo by email or registration form
Step 2 : Certindo will give quotation + Certification Agreement & make approval by client
Step 3 : Certindo will send audit schedule
Step 4 : Stage 1 (Onsite/Desk, Documentation) audit
Step 5 : Stage 2 Audit/Assessment
Step 6 : Review & Reporting
Step 7 : Payment for certification fee by client
Step 8 : Send certificate to client.
Note :
–       An Audit Program include two stages (stage 1 & stage 2)  of initial certification audit, surveillance audit and re-certification audit in the third year prior to expiration of Certification
–       Limit the audit interval stage 1 to stage 2 audit, maximum of 6 months. Audit stage 1 will be repeated if the required intervals are longer.
–       Certification is valid for three years since decision on certification or recertification
–       Surveillance Audit conducted 2 times / year for HACCP and ISO 22000 certification, as well as annualy for ISO 9001 certification.
–       Special Audit will be conducted if client applying of the expansion of Scope certification.
–       Re-certification Audit will be announced to client 6 (six) month before the expiration of the Certificate.
–       Suspending, withdrawing or reduction Scope of Certification will be evaluated and decided by the Director based on the Audit Report.
  • In Suspending Certification Case, client may not use its certification for the purpose of further promotion through cooperation agreements certification.
  • Certindo will restore suspension of certification on the client, when the major/critical problems or findings has been completed.
  • When clients are certified not allow surveillance or recertification audit carried out at the required frequency, certificate will be suspend or wthdrawn
Management Policy
Certindo give the best quality of service for certification, customer satisfaction is our first priority, commit to code of conduct of accreditaion body, commit to regulation, commit to independency.
Independent Policy
Certindo as independent certification body, no conflict of interest, no consultation, keep code of conduct & rule of Accreditation  & Regulator  body
 Accreditation & Approval
Our auditor has high competency & approved by IRCA (International Register of Certified Auditor UK), KAN, Yum ! USA, GMP+ Netherland), Government, Kemenakertrans, etc
Company Name & Logo Policy
Use of Company Name “Certindo” and Certification Logo on Client Label Labels must be communicated in Certindo Agreement and in accordance with prevailing Certindo regulations
Verify certificate
Please send email directly to [email protected] or contact us by phone. We will follow up as soon as possible
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Complaint Handling Procedure (PDF)